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What to Expect

People come to me for support, guidance, or clarity on issues affecting their well-being. No matter what you want to address, my sessions — whether virtual or in-person — follow a similar structure. 


If we’re meeting virtually, please prepare your space for our time together: Ensure you have a good wifi connection, and that all distractions are limited. If possible, put all the digital devices on silent. 


Sessions are one hour long. We will open with an honest dialogue about what has brought you to me. I will then use my hands to feel your energy — even in a virtual setting I can connect with you. Through this process, I get insights into your deep emotions. Many emotional wounds manifest physically, so I often identify chronic issues you may be suffering from and connect them to past neglected emotions. Through my intuitive healing process, I will work to guide you to remove these emotional blockages.


My practice is not for everyone: it requires an open mind, heart and spirit. The restorative process is specific to each individual and requires a willingness for deep introspection. The success of our time together relies on your wholehearted participation. As an intuitive healer, my practice is very personal. It’s not prescriptive and doesn’t follow the conventions of other energy-based healing practices. 


As your spiritual translator and guide, I will always openly and honestly share the communications I am channeling. 

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