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My Practice

We need to return to our souls, we need to feel whole. I believe we all have the ability to mend ourselves, but sometimes you need a guiding hand. That's where I come in. Using my energy-based gifts, I help uncover the spiritual and emotional blockages that prevent people from feeling whole. 


As a mother, I feel a deep connection to other women.I have worked extensively with those who are experiencing infertility, miscarriages, [and those in need of ] postpartum support. Having experienced both the joy and challenges that come with bringing life into the world, I understand the vulnerability and strength of the maternal. When my son spent four months in the NICU, communicating with him was a powerful experience for me. Today, I continue to translate on behalf of children, who might not have the words to advocate for themselves. 


Although many of my clients are women, what I offer is for everyone — I even help cherished pets communicate with their owners. At the heart of my practice is a deep desire to connect others with themselves. So long as you are open to working and exploring together, I can provide support, guidance, or clarity on issues affecting your well-being.

I am here for you.

No matter where you are on your healing journey — whether this your first experience with an energy-based healer, or it’s an integral part of your self-care practice — I am here for you.

Though I am based in Lake Arrowhead, I can connect with you through virtual sessions all around the world.

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