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About Ale

Who is Ale?

I’m so happy our paths have crossed. No matter what brought you here, welcome. My name is Ale. I hope my work as a spiritual translator and intuitive healer can be of help to you. Through my energy-based practice, I create safe spaces and guide clients on their healing journeys.

My mother named me Alejandra, but I go by Ale (pronounced ahl-leh) — it means warrior, but I’ve always been one to choose connection over conflict. If you allow me to share my gifts, I would love to connect with you and act as your guide, helping you on your journey towards wholeness.


I was born with crooked, double-jointed hands. Although people made fun of them, I never felt insecure because I knew that they were special.


As a child, I asked my mom so many questions. I was relentless in my search for answers. I wanted to understand the universe — beyond the visible. I’ve always felt a connection with the spiritual world and sensed its presence, but was unable to understand it. I thought that my hands could hold some of the answers. In my thirties, I discovered that my intuition was right: My hands can feel and move energy.

When I finally began to talk about my spiritual abilities with my family, I discovered that this special connection was something I shared with many of them. Connecting with the beyond came naturally to them — they didn’t think it was a big deal. But I felt I could do more with the gift I had been given. 

After deep introspection and time spent developing my practice, I’ve become comfortable with describing myself as an intuitive healer. My empathic nature and energy-based gifts allow me to hold space for people who are hurting as well as those in need of guidance. Through my spirtual connection with the universe, I am able to translate the source of people’s pain into words. With my support, I hope to help you repair emotional wounds, restore balance and find peace.

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